What to Write

This blog was originally commissioned as an on going companion to the diaries of my loser life for all us loser sports fans waiting for our sports heroes to lead us out of exile into Paradise – championships, rings, glory. None of it real for us in terms of accomplishments, struggles and victory – certainly not the women :/ – not unless we dig down deep and use our sports entertainment as Inspiration to reach for something higher…than another shot of Jack, flip of the remote and a bong hit.

Today, The Bloozah has an opportunity to right this ship by writing a column for a community paper. The column will be awarded via (gulp!!) COMPETITION. 500 words. “Are you clever? The life of the party?? Do others come to you for advice? Are your anecdotes the stuff that people hang on for every word?”

Ummm. (No)³ x 2.

So, do I write 500 words that conform to this rather sleepy, slow and throwback town? Do I go (gasp) *radical??* *liberal??* Take away the PC filter/editor??

What to dooooo!! What would you do?

Stay tuned!

Obamacare and FOX NEWS Pinheads

We’re a country of angry white men. Sadly. Law will be


partially, maybe completely shut down. It’s OK to create an endless War Industry and ballooning profits for hindsight repair care but let’s forbid true social welfare, consciousness and a Nation founded on justice for all. No, let’s let Rush Limbaugh and the self-righteous puppet Bill O’Reilly and the just plain smug a-hole Sean Hannity control the national agenda with their ratings books more important than cervical exams and forced fetal imaging instead of basic human dignity and rights. Now, I’m pissed.

Let sleeping dogs lie

I should take the dogs out for a walk. But, likely, full of swill & hopped up on beer, it is unlikely.

The dogs already lie even whence they are awake.

“Did you dig this hole?”

“Who chewed up my nice comfy chair?”

Yep. Those innocent guilt-stricken eyes tell me all I need to know.

I grab the leashes and rustle them up with a a quick, “Wanna go for a walk?” 

Are they really gonna say, “No?”

And away we go.

On Peyton Manning…

My comment from a 3/11 piece in Pro Football Talk. PFT rules. Great content, great writing by Florio, et al. And always seem to be breaking the news instead of re-treading. Great, respectful and insightful comments from knowledgeable interested fans, too.

Here’s my comment (cut and paste first;) Hey, it’s MY blog.

Only in America can a person be paid $26 million to miss an entire year of work after pulling wool over brass’ eyes, getting away with an on-the-job injury.

And, as an encore, now drives up his asking price to hit his “comfort” zone, totally untested. And people bite.

Irsay & Manning deserved ea other. Robbing shamefully the spotlight during XLVI from Eli. That won’t be forgotten nor shouldn’t by the public. Actually, it probably already has been forgotten.

If Peyton wasn’t about money, he would have restructured his contract and you know what?
He’d have more rings than endorsements.

I hope Peyton in his next place does not win another ring. He doesn’t deserve it.

Original article link: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/11/report-broncos-cardinals-leading-the-peyton-sweepstakes/

Hello world!

Hello, Cruel World.

This is what the bloated universe of free-agency, guaranteed money, beer & chicken and my teams coming up short has done to me.

You’ll be hearing from me, from the watery grave, all year long.

Let me hear back from you. Intelligent, respectful thoughts & commentary only please. My dead ears, eyes & mouth wish to hear, see nor speak any evil.