Obamacare and FOX NEWS Pinheads

We’re a country of angry white men. Sadly. Law will be


partially, maybe completely shut down. It’s OK to create an endless War Industry and ballooning profits for hindsight repair care but let’s forbid true social welfare, consciousness and a Nation founded on justice for all. No, let’s let Rush Limbaugh and the self-righteous puppet Bill O’Reilly and the just plain smug a-hole Sean Hannity control the national agenda with their ratings books more important than cervical exams and forced fetal imaging instead of basic human dignity and rights. Now, I’m pissed.

3 thoughts on “Obamacare and FOX NEWS Pinheads

  1. I’m sure you have a problem with the fact that men pay more in car insurance correct? This is how the industry works. Females would tend to incur more health costs, considering they are the ones who will rack up all the birthing costs, and so they pay more to the health insurance companies. This isn’t the only place this happens. It happens in every single insurance company out there. There are gender differences in price because each gender has a greater or lesser chance of becoming injured, getting in a car accident, etc. That’s just how the market works, as it should.

    • On the site where I first viewed this map, another stated your point. While true, your observation on male auto insurance is, I argue, a distraction from this particular U.S. health insurance flaw – personal health with many genetic factors beyond our control versus active choice to own operate a vehicle.

      They are equal yet quite diametrically different problems, both having in common inherent flaws in a for-profit insurance industry (profit is fine to a point). The one choice in health we have I would align to choosing to drive is preventative measures we take via nutrition & exercise.

      Setting aside auto, et al other and remaining on health, begin with what I refer to as “repair care.” The U.S.A. health care model needs a fundamental overhaul that this law will begin to alter, even if some parts are pared back or thrown out in terms of placing choice in our hands versus requirements and kicking it back to states for more say.

      We cannot sustain this ballooning health industry bubble and while we may have certain percentages I’d agree will freeload & work the system, our overall mission should be universal coverage for any at affordable costs. And, the majority I witness & talk with want choice and have needs and want
      to pay what they can afford, not freeload.

      Finally, I witness plenty of bad driving across all ages & gender in a time of “A.D.D.” multi-tasking distraction (e.g. girl driving a Land Rover smoking a cig, illegally texting and applying lip gloss tying up flow of traffic).

      So, yeah. Equality in all insurance would be nice.

      I went on a bit long. But, great points. Thanks for reading and joining convo!!

      (mobile thumbs, typo disclaimer:)

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