The Boston Red Sox, 100 Year Failure

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It’s about god*amned time someone said SOMETHING!! Thank you Peter!!!

ONE QUESTION: Why did this take 11 months to speak aloud? The day Terry Francona was stabbed in the back we all knew.

The patients run the asylum in Red Sox culture. The fans misguidedly boo manager when they ought boo the reprehensible players. We never demand better and should.

The Yankees run away with the division. Yawkee Group? Nope. Henry Group. The only Curse is the classless culture that IS the Red Sox organization. Two recent rings don’t obviously alter this fact and we see why The Yankees own 28 WS titles. I want to sue for all the “Still I Believe” years, money & time wasted on a team I looked to to try & be better myself.

I already was better.
I’ll stick w/ Celtics & Patriots.