Levon Helm, Hope you reached Nazareth…

Pulled into Nazareth, feelin’ ’bouta half-past dead. Just lookin’ for a place where I could lay my head.

Levon Helm, Rest in Peace. You deserve it after all the joyful years of singing out your shiny soul to us.

Excerpt of a letter to a friend regarding Helm:

Oh, man.

Such a loss for music and our lives. I felt the same about Rick Danko, late bassist whom I DID see headlining The Band in Flagstaff years ago.

Danko was the only original member on stage, though, that night.

Yeah, I learned a few days ago Helm was imminently going to die. Lived in Woodstock vicinity, I guess?

Like Les Paul, I had an opportunity to go hear him play in NYC & did not. Ridiculous.

Seriously, I hope he arrived in Nazareth and found a place to lay his head, finally. Great guy.

Also, Last Waltz one of my top favorite movies all time. I think I saw it re-released in San Francisco on the 20th anniversary. Scorcese doesn’t match that w/his recent Stones movie.

I’d love to direct a filmed concert of The String Cheese Incident like that movie.

Ok. I’ve gone on quite long:)) Thanks for reminding me about Levon Helm.

Talk soon!!

Levon Helm, thanks for carrying The Weight all these years. You Shall be Released.